Holistica Physioxid 40 capsules

Holistica Physioxid 40 capsules. Recommended to preserve the physiology of oxidation and aging, or to maintain good cellular dynamics, PHYSIOXID provides a synergy of antioxidants 100% vegetable origin: grape polyphenols, green tea, vitamins C, E and natural carotenoids have been associated by Further anti-free radical function. The capsules PHYSIOXID respond to the demand for naturally occurring antioxidants that are increasingly preferred over synthetic antioxidants. FREE RADICAL ANTI-food supplement. Gelatin capsule marine fish. 100% natural POLIFENOLES GRAPE AND GREEN TEA VITAMINS C, E, and CAROTENO PLANT provitamin A helps protect cell membranes OXIDATION PARTICIPATE IN PHYSIOLOGICAL WELL-BEING RECOMMENDED IN PERIODS OF STRESS, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY OR INTELLECTUAL SUSTAINED . OIL BORRAJA- grape seed oil Precious sources of essential fatty acids, borage seed and grape seeds provide here a high rate of Omega 6 specific with vitamin F function of which the very rare gamma-linolenic acid, which help to preserve youth and skin tone. Acerola extract rich in vitamin C 20 times more concentrated than orange or lemon vitamin C, this small cherry can meet with this concentrated formula, 100% of the daily requirement of this vitamin with only two capsules. This naturally occurring vitamin C, associated with nutritional cofactors contributed by the fruit involved in the establishment of supporting tissues and participates as a major antioxidant in protecting connective tissues. GRAPE EXTRACT source of polyphenols Researchers interested for several years in grape polyphenols that have been identified as powerful antioxidants protecting against free radicals physiology. If the wine made from grapes is a significant source, the total extract can provide a concentrated manner all protective micronutrients (polyphenols which the OPC, anthocyanins, etc ...) and the benefits it brings wine beans grape, but without the drawbacks of alcohol. GREEN TEA EXTRACT SOURCE POLIFENOLES This total green tea extract provides a concentrated manner all its antioxidant micronutrients, complementary to those provided by the grape extract, such as catechins that have demonstrated their role as free radical polyphenols. These nutrients that help significantly to protect unwanted fats, explain today why green tea is so renowned for centuries in Asia as a precious ally of longevity. ORIGIN OF NATURAL CAROTENE Carotenes here extracted from algae Dunaliella Salina, nutrients are precursors of pro-vitamin A, meaning they are transformed into vitamin A in the body depending on bodily needs. Their role is important for vision and to contribute to the integrity of tissues and particularly for the skin. VITAMIN E NATURAL ORIGIN Among the best-known antioxidants, vitamin E is extracted naturally occurring vegetable oils, unlike the synthetic vitamin E, and has a structure perfectly suited to protect cell membranes. 2 PHYSIOXID capsules provide 100% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin E.
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Product Description

Product Name
Holistica Physioxid 40 capsules
Active ingredient
grape polyphenols, green tea, vitamins C, E and natural carotenes
How to use
2 capsules per day during a meal, 20 days per month. It may be advisable to use for example the days of the week where the body is more particularly subjected to stress, intense physical, intellectual or professional activity
Borage oil first cold pressing, grape seed oil, Acerola extract rich in natural vitamin C, extract source of polyphenols Grape, Green Tea extract source of polyphenols, Carotene naturally occurring Vitamin E of natural origin. Emulsifier: Lecithin, Thickener: extract Palm Oil and Glycerin. Gelatin capsule marine fish. Each capsule provides: 190 mg Protein Carbohydrate Lipids 70 mg 380 mg Omega-6 linoleic acid 173 mg gamma-linolenic acid Omega-6 35 mg Val. calorie (Kcal / kJ) 4.4 / 18.4 CONTENT IN VITAMINS AND ANTIOXIDANTS FOR 2 CAPSULES: Vitamin C fruit 60 mg vitamin E naturally occurring 10 mg Carotene naturally occurring 4.8 mg total polyphenols tea and grape 84 mg Of which OPC 9 mg Catechins 18 mg 1.2 mg Anthocyanins
none described


Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of younger children. Do not exceed the daily dose expressly recommended. This product is not designed to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. Once opened keep in a cool and dry place.
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