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Slackstone II Agua Dialitica 2 ampollas

SLACKSTONE II Water Dialytic 2 ampoules

The SLACKSTONE II® System to prepare Dialytic Water is unique in the world and is manufactured since 1966 when the Spanish health authorities called it "Section of Medicinal Use" This is a physical process: the SLACKSTONE® bulb, which acts as a cell or battery and transforms ordinary water into water Dialytic. The procedure sufficiently verified and experienced, can eliminate and / or prevent crystalline bodies are formed in the body (stones, gravel, microcrystals, etc. of any type of mineral and elsewhere in the body may be), also acting as a purifying and moisturizing effective. Its foundation is based on physical laws and consisting in changing the position of the HOH atoms of the water molecule in order to increase the capacity that already has water, to dissolve crystalline bodies in the body. This is achieved by the crystals of various salts contained in the blister SLACKSTONE II®, which in contact with water produces a low potential energy and leads to Dialytic Water. It is not an aggressive treatment (chemical) but a non-invasive, simple, inexpensive and easy to use annoying and, with the advantage of not producing contraindications, side effects or interactions contrasted logical and physical process.


  • name:
    SLACKSTONE II Water Dialytic 2 ampoules
  • brand:
    Slackstone II
  • active substance:
  • administration:
  • how to use:
    Dialytic Water Preparation: 1. a glass drinking natural water, about a pint (250 cc) and preferably higher is used. Put in a glass ampoule with the narrowest side up. · You can use bottled water if desired, but it is only necessary in areas where tap water is very hard. As a general rule using water normally used in food. · It has been found that it is better not to use herbal teas to prepare Water Dialytic, but can be taken, of course, at any time. · Care should be taken not to submit any prepared water heating, cooling or agitation, as this undermines their action. If you desired heating or cooling using a bowl of hot water or cold water, and enter the vessel. 2. SLACKSTONE II® ampoule must remain submerged in the water for about 24 hours so that it covered all the thicker side of the blister. The blister should not be opened or broken, so there is nothing strange, since the energy generated by the crystals inside the glass vial through perfectly and is transmitted to water. (The blister is like a stack or battery which is used in electrical equipment). · The roughly yellowish crystals contained blister color, is normal. · Care should be taken not to submit any prepared water heating, cooling or agitation, as this would undermine their action. · If necessary, it is recommended to cover the glass with a cloth or plastic, to prevent getting dust, insects, etc. 3. Dialytic Water activated, will be taken immediately after removing the bulb. 4. refilled his glass of water and submerge the bulb again, to prepare the next shot, 24 hours later. 5. Each vial is used to prepare 40 glasses of water Dialytic, or what is the same, a box of SLACKSTONE II ® (contains 2 vials) is used to prepare 20 liters of water Dialytic. From this use, the energy emitted by the ampoule decreases considerably, while supplies last. We recommend using the chart control that comes in the package, which will facilitate monitoring of the shots
  • format:
  • composition:
    2 ampoules SLACKSTONE II
  • cautions:
    Do not open the blisters
  • alerts:

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