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Puressentiel Roller SOS Imperfecciones 5ml

Puressentiel Roller SOS Imperfections 5ml

Puressentiel Roller SOS Imperfections 5ml. Indicated at any time, when a grain appears. Antibacterial, anti-seborrheic. It helps healing and regenerates.
  • Sello de 100-Natural
  • Sello de Fabricado-con-Extractos-Vegetales

This product belongs to the categories:

Acne Antiaging


  • name:
    Puressentiel Roller SOS Imperfections 5ml
  • brand:
  • active substance:
    AE Tea Tree - AE Clavo - AE Coleus forskohlii - AE Enebro - AE Eucalyptus - AE Geranium - AE Lavender - AE Lavandín - AE Palmarosa - AE Palo de Rosa Asian - AE Romero
  • administration:
  • how to use:
    External use. Apply locally with a circular massage at least 2 times a day (morning and night) on the pimples, blackheads or any other imperfection.
  • format:
  • composition:
    · Tea Tree Essential Oil · Essential Oil of Clove · Essential Oil of Coleus forskohlii · Essential Oil of Enebro · Essential Oil of Eucalyptus · Essential Oil of Geranium · Essential Oil of Lavender · Essential Oil of Lavandin · Essential Oil of Palmarosa · Oil Rosewood Essential Oil · Rosemary Essential Oil
  • cautions:
    Not recommended for children under 7 years
  • alerts:

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