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Energy Fruits Cúrcuma Chai Latte 500g

Energy Fruits Turmeric Chai Latte 500g

Energy Fruits Turmeric Chai Latte 500g The exclusive Turmeric Chai Latte formula of Energy Fruits harmonizes an exquisite taste and texture with the exceptional nutritional properties of the super foods that make it up. Elaborated 100% with products of ecological origin of the highest quality. This preparation is ideal for those who wish to obtain the healthy benefits of all its ingredients while enjoying a sweet and balanced flavored drink. You can enjoy cold or hot combined with the vegetable drink of choice. It is a formulation designed to achieve the maximum bioavailability of all its active phytonutrients with demonstrated anti-inflammatory and health-protective effects. The Turmeric Chai Latte from Energy Fruits is made from: - Turmeric powder - Freeze-dried coconut milk powder - Powder ginger - Ceylan cinnamon powder - Ground black pepper May be of special interest to people who engage in sports activities High intensity and for those who suffer from frequent inflammatory symptoms. Its eco-seal guarantees the absence of pesticide residues and potentially harmful chemical fertilizers. What is also very important is that the powdered spices have not been irradiated, nor subjected to treatments of high temperatures so that they retain all their properties intact. The star ingredient of the formula is the organic turmeric powder, this super spice has very remarkable properties for health in several levels, has been used since ancient times as medicine for its powerful therapeutic action. Main Benefits • Delicious aromatic flavor and intense color typical of turmeric • Can be enjoyed both cold and hot • It has strong anti-inflammatory properties • Of special interest for sportsmen who experience frequent inflammatory symptoms • Source of antioxidants • Its ingredients have remarkable protective benefits for turmeric Health • Eco-certified product • Not irradiated • Gluten-free and other allergens • Not subjected to high-temperature treatment • May be useful as adjuvant in treatment of certain health conditions • Substances subject to rigorous microbiological, mycotoxic and Heavy metals • Free of colorants, artificial sweeteners, preservatives.
  • Sello de 100-Natural
  • Sello de De-Agricultura-Ecologica
  • Sello de Fabricado-con-Extractos-Vegetales
  • Sello de GMO-free-Ingredientes-NO-modificado-geneticamente
  • Sello de SIN-Azucar
  • Sello de SIN-conservantes
  • Sello de SIN-Gluten
  • Sello de SIN-lactosa

This product belongs to the categories:

Superfoods ECO Nutrition


  • name:
    Energy Fruits Turmeric Chai Latte 500g
  • brand:
    Energy fruits
  • active substance:
    Turmeric - Coconut milk - Cinnamon - Pepper - Ginger
  • administration:
  • how to use:
    The turmeric chai latte can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Hot preparation: Heat 300 ml of vegetable "milk" drink together with 1 tablespoon (approx 10 ml) of the product and stir until well blended. You can add honey or stevia if you want to give an extra sweetness. Cold preparation: Introduce 300 ml of vegetable milk-like beverage together with 1 tablespoon (approx 10 ml) of the product in a blender or mixer, add a few cubes of ice and honey or stevia if you want to give an extra sweetness . Beat until smooth and enjoy. It can also be added to smoothies or similar combinations of drinks.
  • format:
  • composition:
    Turmeric powder * (Curcuma longa), lyophilized coconut milk * (cocos nucifera processed product), cinnamon powder * (cinnamomun verum), black pepper * (piper nigrum), dehydrated ginger powder * (Zingiber officinale) Of organic farming
  • cautions:
    None described
  • alerts:
    Gluten free No dairy products or gelatine No GMOs No added sugar No added coloring or preservatives No trans fats

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