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Clipper Happy Mondays 20 infusiones Bio

Clipper Happy Mondays 20 infusiones Bio

Clipper Happy Mondays 20 infusions Bio. An original infusion of lemon, ginger and black pepper with intense flavor and a spicy touch. An intense combination of flavors and sensations to start the week right.
  • Sello de 100-Natural
  • Sello de 100-Organico
  • Sello de De-Agricultura-Biologica
  • Sello de De-Agricultura-Ecologica
  • Sello de Soil-Organic

This product belongs to the categories:

Infusions and teas ECO Nutrition


  • name:
    Clipper Happy Mondays 20 infusiones Bio
  • brand:
  • active substance:
    Citronella, ginger, orange, ragaliz, lemon, black pepper, lemon verbena and cloves
  • administration:
  • how to use:
    Pour 250 ml of boiling water into a cup along with the sachet. Cover and wait 1 to 3 minutes. Sweeten to taste.
  • format:
  • composition:
    Citronella *, ginger root * (25%), orange leaves *, licorice root *, lemon peel * (5%), lemon verbena *, lemon flavor with other natural aromas (4%), black pepper * (2.5%), clove *, natural ginger aroma (1%).
  • cautions:
    When containing licorice, people with hypertension or pregnant or lactating women should consult their doctor before consuming this product.
  • alerts:
    Store in a dry, cool place and not exposed to sunlight.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    It is advised not to exceed the recommended daily dose.
    Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
    Do not take in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
    If you have any questions, consult a Health or Nutrition professional.
    The containers are properly closed and sealed, do not consume in case of detecting breakage or in poor condition.
    All food supplement packages have the contact details of the manufacturer and its distributor, RSI registration number, ingredients, nutritional information, batch number and expiration date printed on the label.

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