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CFN Real 2400 20 ampollas

CFN Real 2400 20 vials

CFN 2400 20 ampoules Real Royal jelly is the most nutritious natural substance produced by bees exclusively for the larvae become queens. Great tonic contains proteins, minerals (calcium, iron), trace elements (potassium, copper, phosphorus, silicon), and vitamins A, C, D, E and B complex Royal jelly acts as stimulating the body increasing the physical capacity and intellectual, combating anemia, improving defenses and states of depression and apathy. Vitamin C is needed to produce collagen for growth and optimum cellular repair, and protect the body against all types of infections and allergies strengthening our defenses. The vitamin supplements are an ideal addition to any type of food, both children and adults and the elderly, particularly the first and the last, being older their nutritional requirements
  • Sello de 100-Natural


  • name:
    CFN Real 2400 20 vials
  • brand:
  • active substance:
    Royal Jelly - Vitamin C - Propolis
  • administration:
  • how to use:
    Take 1 ampoule per day
  • format:
  • composition:
    Per ampoule: · Fresh royal jelly 2000 mg. · Vitamin C 60 mg. Propolis Extract 200 mg. Fructose and distilled water.
  • cautions:
    No recommended dose described for
  • alerts:

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