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CFN Lecitina 1200mg 90 perlas

CFN Lecithin 1200mg 90 capsules

CFN Lecithin 1200mg 90 softgels Lecithin is technically a phospholipid. Is one of the most abundant of choline and inositol, two important nutrients which act as lipotropic agents with a role in hepatic fat metabolism and body fat emulsion of lecithin in the form of phosphatidylcholine, natural sources is the choline main source (B vitamin) of the diet. Once in the body this compound decomposes, releasing the hill. Lecithin and choline are used by the body to build cell membranes and facilitate the mobilization of fat into and out of cells. Choline is also a precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is essential for normal brain activity. Besides being a rich source of choline lecithin is a key component of bile and helps to maintain the welfare of the liver
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  • name:
    CFN Lecithin 1200mg 90 capsules
  • brand:
  • active substance:
    Soya lecithin
  • administration:
  • how to use:
    Take 3-6 softgels a day
  • format:
  • composition:
    By Pearl: · Oil soya lecithin (54-63% phospholipids) 1200 mg
  • cautions:
    No recommended dose described for
  • alerts:

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